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Karate Chop My Dick
Ariella Ferrera
Pornstar Ariella Ferrera
Ariella Ferrera has been scared to walk home alone at night lately because of all the creeps lurking the streets wanting to find some easy breezy pussy. She decided to take some self defense classes but during the session she is too shy to ask the instructor questions. She waits until the end of class to really get the answers she's looking for. The eyes of an eagle wouldn't be able to determine the path ahead. Ariella gets exactly what she wants in life, a huge dick slammed straight up her va jay jay.

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The Last Beer
Jessica Sarah Shawna
Pornstar Jessica Sarah Shawna
If the makers of twister knew that their invention would one day be used as a fucking game to decide who gets the last beer, they would all cum in their graves because when you have Jessica, Sarah and Shawna against Scott; three hot hot babes all fucking the cum out of him could be a little too much to handle.

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Girls just wanna get fucked!
Brynn Tyler & Stephanie Cane
Pornstar Brynn Tyler & Stephanie Cane
Brynn shows Stephanie a new cd she got of her new favorite song "Girls just wanna get fucked". They start singing and jumping on the bed and sure enough it makes them horny as hell. Craving a big cock they hit the streets in search of a man who can deliver the goods!

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Stimulus Checks
Mariah Milano
Pornstar Mariah Milano
Mariah has been waiting on her stimulus check from President Obama, he made so many promises on the campaign trail and now she expects her money. The federal government sends Agent Gunn to deliver a much needed stimulus to Mariah and she's so satisfied when it cums.

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A teeny-totter born to take it.
Ally Ann
Pornstar Ally Ann
Ally only puts her mouth were pussy can back her up. She's horny, and wants cock. Ally Ann runs into a cock, feels how hard it is. Her desire takes hold of her, putting mind over matter. Ally is about to get fucked as she unzips a pair of made in America denim jeans.

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Basket Boobs
Capri Cavalli
Pornstar Capri Cavalli
Keiran makes a basketball wager with Capri, if he wins he gets to smother his face in her tits. If she wins he has to take her out to the fanciest restaurant in town. It's already a win win situation for Keiran but he gets much more than what he bargained for!

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I Need Your Sperm
Shawna Lenee
Pornstar Shawna Lenee
Dr.Lenee needs Keiran's Sperm sample but he seems to be having problems producing it. She takes matters into her own hands and gives Keiran the motivation he needs to make it happen.

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Fat Ass Peach
Amber Peach
Pornstar Amber Peach
This is a straight up gonzo scene featuring Amber Peach. Her fat ass covered in oil looks delicious! Our man gave her big ass and tight asshole some serious treatment. He ripped her asshole so hard, had her cumming from both her pussy and her ass! Enjoy!

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An Intense Yoga Workout
Monique Fuentes
Pornstar Monique Fuentes
Monique is trying to relax from all the stress that her son gives her by doing some yoga. But when her son comes in the room with his friend and interrupts her so he can play video games she explodes and kicks him out of the house. However, she makes her sons friend Johnny stay so she could get another type of workout that will relax her more than yoga.

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The Wedding Gift
Holly Halston
Pornstar Holly Halston
It's Johnny and Sarah's first wedding anniversary and they've gathered the whole family to watch their wedding video for the first time!!! Johnny simply forgot that on that same tape, his best man Charles had recorded him ramming his wife's mom Holly's ass on the day of his wedding.

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Model Employee
Puma Swede
Pornstar Puma Swede
Jordan hasn't been showing up to work on time and he has been fucking all the secretaries. These things aren't going to help him with his end of the month evaluation. Puma Swede sees no reason to keep Jordan on the payroll. One thing is for sure she needs to find out if all the rumors about Jordan's cock are true. If Jordan performs well he can keep his job. This bombshell with massive tits doesn't know what she's in for.

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Brooke Belle
Pornstar Brooke Belle
Brooke Belle has just finished a day of shopping and is walking to her car. She notices on her windshield a pamphlet for Big Dick Agency. She decides her shopping is not over and orders a big dick to be sent directly to her home. When she arrives at home her Big Dick Agency package is waiting for her. When she opens it up she realizes that her purchase was worth every penny.

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Girlfriend Problem-Solver
Morgan Reigns
Pornstar Morgan Reigns
It's a typical evening in downtown L.A. and our lovely Morgan Reigns goes for a drink and stumbles upon Criss, who is reading up on how to fix relationship problems that he is having with his girlfriend. Morgan gives him advice and her personal phone number in case he wants to talk sometime. Hoping that he calls for her to get some action as well. Get ready Morgan, because Criss "Big-Long" Strokes is coming over for a real pounding.

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Special Delivery of Dildos
Delta White, Kerry Louise
Pornstar Delta White, Kerry Louise
You ever wonder what really happens in the seedy underbelly of an office building? Ya? Well watch this fuckers.

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Ages Just Like Wine
Dylan Ryder
Pornstar Dylan Ryder
Dylan Ryder is one hot Milf and she'll show Keiran Lee that T'n'A ages just like wine... Let's just say the wine cellar's humidity level will rise up high with these two in it!!!

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Ricki needs a job
Ricki White
Pornstar Ricki White
She just attended a Tea Party on Tax day and some Obama supporter referred her to some German dude for a job. She arrives late talking about the party and how she loves a good fuck coz its so recession proof. However she's tested on her tea servicing ability but little does she know she has signed up for some tea bagging.

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Up Close and Personal with Jayden Jaymes
Jayden Jaymes
Pornstar Jayden Jaymes
For the first time ever Brazzers is presenting their first feature length 'Day With A Pornstar' featuring the talented Jayden Jaymes in her most wild and personal adventures. This feature includes 3 sex scenes, wild partying, ski trip, pussy shaving, etc. So dive in and enjoy the next 90 minutes of Jayden Jaymes.

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Naughty and Nice Bitches
Gina Lynn, Jenna Presley
Pornstar Gina Lynn, Jenna Presley
Gina just bought a brand new house the size of big boobies and wants to show it off to her friend Jenna. When Jenna arrives she gives her a tour of the house along with a tour of her butlers big dick.

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Oops, my fitness trainer makes me wet.
abby rode
Pornstar abby rode
For three days a week Abby devotes her afternoons to fitness training. It's time away from the kids, the hubby and work. Recently she has been turned on by her trainer Kieran Lee and today she arrived feeling really horny and wet. Kieran doesn't know its coming as Abby seduces him into a whole other kind of workout.

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The Travel Agent
Pornstar diamond_foxxx
Diamond is a virtual travel agent; she brings the experience of the vacation to the office to show just how much the vacation is really worth. Keiran requests the special fares to Brazil; the land known for big asses.

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Dress Me, Now Undress Me
Dress Me, Now Undress Me
Pornstar Dress Me, Now Undress Me
Johnny arrives at his friend's house a little early. The friend's mom Mason greets him into wait while she's out of a shower getting prepared for a date. She just finished polishing her nails and doesn't want to touch her clothes with her wet nail polish. She then calls Johnny into the room. She makes him put each article of clothing on one by one starting with her bra then her panties, stockings, and high heels. When she is fully clothed the tension is so overwhelming that they just go for it.

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Horny teen wants the big cock
Amia Miley
Pornstar Amia Miley
Amia's parents are out of town and she plans a party that nobody shows up to. Amia then calls up Scott and invites him and his friends over to party. Scott brings two friends and the group play a game before they split up in the house. The horny teen notices Scott's big dick and drags him to the kitchen to suck and fuck his fat cock.

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Give That Bitch A Lesson!
Claire Dames
Pornstar Claire Dames
Claire is going to learn her lesson... When she's being a real bitch to a convenience store clerk and making clients wait behind her at the cash, Jordan will completely loose it, pin her down and stick his fat cock in her ass... all this with the help of other clients of course!!

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Big Cock Phobia
Diamond Kitty
Pornstar Diamond Kitty
Diamond Kitty is being filmed for a porn documentary about her life in the porn biz but the interviewer didn't know about her big dick phobia. When asked about the ability to take huge cock, a look of fear comes over Diamond's face. She then tell her story...

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Squash Game Pound-A-Thon
Lezley Zen
Pornstar Lezley Zen
Lezley got stood up again. Her friend was supposed to join her for a game of squash but called in sick. Lezley is thinking about leaving when another squash player offers to show her how to play. Lezley of course, thinks that would be wonderful and they play a riveting game of squash. Midway through the game, Lezley injures her huge tits! Her new friend does his best to rub them. Lezley needs more special care though, which leads to her getting fucked hard by a huge cock.

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Swish or Strip!
Brooke Belle
Pornstar Brooke Belle
Brooke Belle is unable to beat Billy on the basketball court because he doesn't stop playing dirty. Billy proposes to play a new game called 'TIT,' which is exactly like the game 'HORSE,' however the only difference is the loser has to undress. Finally, Brooke gets to show her real talent when playing with balls.

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Big Office Distractions
Madison James
Pornstar Madison James
Mr.Lee is fed up of having a big titted secretary in the office because it's very distracting. He decides to interview a couple of secretaries. This time around he is looking for a woman who less busty and very conservative. The first couple of interviews didn't present the kind of woman he was looking for until Madison James entered. Very conservative type, with not much sex appeal...she was perfect and of course hired. The very next day Mr.Lee's distractions would return as Madison came into work looking oh so sexy with a pair of perky tits that a blind man wouldn't be able to keep his eyes off of. Mr.Lee decided he's not going to fight his urges anymore and fucked his new secretary and her big tits on his desk!

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Hardcore on the Mat
Katie Kox,  Harmony Rose
Pornstar Katie Kox, Harmony Rose
The Romans taught us that the only way to show your worth to society is to fight for your life. Harmony and Katie are two very fierce competitors and have made there way to the ultimate championship. This new style of battle will test these girls and excite them in ways never before seen by man or woman.

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Freaky Deaky pt 2
Phoenix Marie
Pornstar Phoenix Marie
The anticipated sequel to the original "Freaky Deaky" epic. In this tale we find the mind of Madison Parker trapped in her mother, Pheonix Marie's body. Madison takes full advantage of her mother's mature and sexy body in this crazy sequel to "Freaky Deaky"

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King of the Jungle
Tarra White
Pornstar Tarra White
The workplace can be a jungle sometimes so you have to make sure you're the guy in charge... When Tarra drops her pencils, she'll understand who's the king of her jungle!!!

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