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Revenge Fuck On Office Tease
Jessica Moore
Pornstar Jessica Moore
Sexy Jessica likes to tease her boss, Keiran, and drive him nuts constantly! After venting to a co-worker about it he decides to cool-off...only to run into Jessica who starts teasing him again. But it's one too many mind games, he gets frustrated, and finally decides to do something about it! Slamming her tight body down he screws the not so innocent Jessica into submission.

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Older Guys Measures Up!
Jasmine Jolie
Pornstar Jasmine Jolie
Jasmine is over at her friend Joanna's house and they're talking about how to get older guys. Jasmine then asks Joanna to hook her up with her old brother Keiran. Joanna refuses, so Jasmine decides to introduce herself. She finds Keiran in the bathroom taking a shower and notices his big dick and is stunned! She is instantly turned on and what to know what it feels like to have his big dick inside her! She got on his dick as soon as he got out of the shower and it got real wet and steamy in there!

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Fuck and Suck for a Swim
Kitty Bella
Pornstar Kitty Bella
Johnny is training in the pool for the brazzers triathlon when Kitty shows up. She doesn't like to swim with other people in the pool so she tells Johnny to take a hike. Johnny offers her a deal, if she can beat him in a race then he will leave the pool. Johnny easily wins the race but Kitty's boobs have fallen out of her bikini! After getting a view of those beautiful breasts he decides to change the deal to something a little more appropriate.

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A Last Taste Of Freedom
Shawna Lenee
Pornstar Shawna Lenee
It's Shawna's bachelorette party and her friend's are taking her out for some cock! As a way to celebrate her upcoming "one-cock" life, she tries to find the biggest dick in the house to fuck her perfectly round tits. Jordan will give her one last taste of her fuck freedom!!!

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Acting Dirty With The Janitor
Diamond Kitty
Pornstar Diamond Kitty
Diamond is at work and is constantly being bothered by her boyfriend to leave work early and go home and fuck. Annoyed by his nonsense she gives him phone sex, the only twist is she really is having sex with the janitor and her boyfriend thinks she's making all the noises up.

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Cum Czech Out This House
Pornstar Tammy
When Voodoo is looking to buy a house in the Czech Republic he meets Tammy, a sexy real estate agent trying to make her first sale. Voodoo tells her that if she wants to sell this house, he's going to need a little extra convincing... So Tammy lets her tits and pussy do the talking.

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Getting screwed by the Mechanic
devon lee03
Pornstar devon lee03
Devon car is acting up, she's not sure what's wrong with it but it is making a lot of noise so she decides to bring it to the local mechanic. Once at the mechanics though the mechanic find all sorts of problems wrong with her car. Devon is convinced he is just taking advantage of her because she is a woman and knows nothing about cars. Not only does she not know anything she has no money to pay for all the repairs the mechanic is claiming she needs. Devon decides that if he is going to screw her over with a hefty bill, then she is going to use her charm to screw her way out of it.

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Big Cock Inheritor
daimond foxxx
Pornstar daimond foxxx
Its a messy family affair when Diamond's sister's will is read to the remaining family members. Diamond being the closest to her spinster sister expects the biggest items like her house, cars and all her diamonds; however the will is read and all the others receive all valuables. Diamond is left wondering what of possible value could be left for her; she learns her sister left her a big cock, one that served her well. Diamond understands the value and gets a pounding more valuable them all the riches she didn't receive.

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License to Drive Naked
Alanah Rae
Pornstar Alanah Rae
Ever since Alanah received her license shes been a little thrill seeker. All she wants to do is speed around the city in her car because it gives her a sense of freedom, which is now getting boring. Her friend suggests that driving around naked might enhance her sense of freedom again. Alanah loves the idea and quickly gets naked and takes off in her car. During her drive she encounters a hitchhiker and picks him up and brings him along for a joy ride.

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Fuck My Backdoor Chute
Jada Fire
Pornstar Jada Fire
Jada has been wiper-sniping all afternoon and has gotten herself pretty filthy. For some weird reason she decides to clean herself in the clients washroom. Obviously the client catches her in the shower and decides to punish her real nice by sticking his monster penis in Jada's tight little behind.

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Dr. Awesome
Asa Akira
Pornstar Asa Akira
Mark asks Dr. Akira for a penis enlargement after realizing that his wife wants a porn sized penis. After Dr. Akira analyzes the situation she realizes that there's is really no need to extend his already huge cock. While looking at the size of it she cant resist not sticking it in her mouth and sucking on it, which of course leads to a major, MAJOR, pounding!

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Impale my Big Wet Ass
Andi Anderson
Pornstar Andi Anderson
Andi walks out on the back balcony of her friends mansion with Keiran and proceeds to suck and fuck his big dick. The two then go down to the pool and get her ass all wet.

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Spin My Bottle
Brooke Riley
Pornstar Brooke Riley
Five friends decide to play spin the bottle. Two of them, Brooke and Riley, have one goal in mind: fuck Jordan by the end of the game. However, they have some competition (Nikki) who also has her eyes on Jordan. They all do their best to get him but in this game, only the sluttiest succeed...

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Valentine's Day Cockolate
Stephanie Cane
Pornstar Stephanie Cane
It's Valentine's Day and Stephanie wants her boyfriend Johnny to get her a really big gift. Being the creative and romantic type, Johnny thinks of the perfect gift and that is a big dick in a box of chocolates.

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Do You Like Your Boss' Ass?
Claire Dames
Pornstar Claire Dames
Claire is looking desperately for the stapler that Ralph misplaced. While going through Ralph's stuff, she also finds a photocopy of his cock. This is getting her excited and goes to look for him and finds him in her office. Not wasting any time she approaches Ralph and let's him know she wants his big dick!! With an ass like Claire he had to give her the long dick that she craved.

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Cougar in Need
Isis Love
Pornstar Isis Love
Isis is a horny woman who enjoys nothing more than to lure a hot young stud into her lair! She enjoys reading dirty sex novels and getting fucked hard. Her next prey is the lucky delivery guy Johnny who came to deliver a package. She invites Johnny to her bedroom where she pushes him the bed, ride his cock and makes him cum all over her face.

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Sensual & Sexy, Monroe Style
Memphis Monroe
Pornstar Memphis Monroe
Memphis Monroe, a big titted blonde bombshell that is letting spend a few hours of her busy day with her, following her every footsteps, on a photoshoot, a shopping spree, a hit and run blowjob in a public area and as a cherry on top, a wild fuck on a chopper. How good is this? Pornstars definitively have a busy day full of excitement and surprises.

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An Alternative To Pussy
Beverly Hills
Pornstar Beverly Hills
Johnny decides to really find out what happens during a slumber party when he learns Beverly has a friend staying over. Just as he suspected the two little sluts are going at it! Johnny tries to jump in scaring away Beverly's friend. But lucky for Johnny Beverly's pussy was so wet she decided Johnny's huge cock would just have to do.

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Spanish Fly
Abby Rode
Pornstar Abby Rode
After obtaining a bottle of the potent aphrodisiac "Spanish Fly" from his old classmate Ramon, Keiran decides to try it on his teacher: Abby. The results of the experiment are more than satisfactory: Keiran gets Abby so hot that she ends up kicking out every single student out of the classroom so she can spend some time alone touching herself. Keiran however knows that being in the right place at the right time pays off, and this time, the reward was Abby's sweet pussy.

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Mommy digs some young cock
Tabitha Stevens
Pornstar Tabitha Stevens
Tabitha ain't afraid of shit, she takes away the guy of her daughter's dreams and makes his, a reality. She fucks him so hard he cums in her mouth, but that wasn't what she wanted. She spits out his cum onto her left hand and spreads it right back into her pussy, smothering his cum all over it, this milf is one fucked up milf.

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Latina Beauty
Veronique Vega
Pornstar Veronique Vega
Johnny really wants to fuck his sister's friend, Veronique. He dreams and fantasizes about her all the time. Little does he know, Veronique is into big cocks and she suspects he has a big one. Today is Johnny's lucky day because Veronique is staying at his place and she wants to find out, once and for all, whether he has a big cock or not.

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Bridezilla vs Monster Cock!
Ricki Raxxx
Pornstar Ricki Raxxx
Ricky Raxxx is planning her second marriage and wants everything to be perfect. Wedding Planner Johnny Sins is trying his hardest to make all her dreams come true but is getting frustrated by all her demands. She's being a real bitch about the whole situation and Johnny knows she won't shut up until someone puts a cock in her mouth.

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One Strong Little Girl
Audrey Bitoni
Pornstar Audrey Bitoni
Mikey's not aware that Audrey, his new self-defense trainee, is one strong little girl. He'll learn it when he shows her a couple of moves and she hits him right in the chest Bruce Lee style which has him flying across the room. She'll offer her nice big titties to help him recover from the blow...

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Bad Date turned Great!
Austin Kincaid, Janet Mason
Pornstar Austin Kincaid, Janet Mason
Austin and Janet are on a date, well if you want to call it that. Their dates seem to be more preoccupied with themselves than with them. So the two excuse themselves to go powder their noses and get a lil frisky in the bathroom as well. Hot milf on milf action not be missed. Then the two sexy MILFs get really horny and decide they need a young man with a hard cock!Austin and Janet start to tease the waiter Johnny while sitting at the table. Teasing then turned into a hot threesome with two sexy, busty MILFs.

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Your Boyfriend is Mine!
Shawna Lenee
Pornstar Shawna Lenee
Shawna's sister has her boyfriend Steven over for dinner. As a way to be alone with the boyfriend, Shawna asks the boyfriend to help her wash the dishes, but he ends up doing a lot more than dishes.

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Cruising Around Porn Valley
Cruising Around Porn Valley
Pornstar Cruising Around Porn Valley
Joe and Bobby are riding around Porn Valley and are hungry for some pussy. They think of a plan to bullshit pornstars by making them think they have their own porn agency called 'Mo Money Talent' so they could fuck them. They end up bumping into the sexy Mikayla at a hair salon, but she is not interested in what their pitching her. Bobby quickly thinks of a plan B and mentions Joe's ten inch cock, which Mikayla is very interested in. However, she is a smart business women because she decides to test the merchandise before going anywhere with them.

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Fuck Football
Jayden Jaymes
Pornstar Jayden Jaymes
Jayden isn't that great at football but needs to win! She hates losing and will do anything to stay on top. What's a little cock sucking and pussy pounding when a game is at stake?

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Juicy Pearl
Pornstar Juicy Pearl
Have you ever worked in the cable industry? It's really fucked, you end up getting laid all the time. It's as if the job changes the molecular structure of your pheromones and makes you irresistible. This video illustrates my point.

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Todays muscle...my dick!
Trina Michaels
Pornstar Trina Michaels
Billy is training Trina to stretch, workout biceps and chest, and how to do proper squats. She always does the exercises but somehow her tits and ass keep teasing Billy. Billy is going nuts and eventually just grabs her tits and then at first she's shocked but then he says it's part of the training and then being not so bright she accepts this and then he gives her a REAL hardcore training exercise!

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Dick Sucker
Isis Love
Pornstar Isis Love
Emergency! Emergency! Barry Scott has got his dick stuck in a vacuum and it's broken. Dr. Isis Love to the rescue. With the risk of Barry's dick never being able to be the same again, Isis attempts a last resort procedure. She needs to fuck his cock back to life.

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