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Acting Dirty With The Janitor
Diamond Kitty
Pornstar Diamond Kitty
Diamond is at work and is constantly being bothered by her boyfriend to leave work early and go home and fuck. Annoyed by his nonsense she gives him phone sex, the only twist is she really is having sex with the janitor and her boyfriend thinks she's making all the noises up.

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Pump Fiction
Courtney Cummz, Nikki Benz
Pornstar Courtney Cummz, Nikki Benz
Johnny Sins and Sean Michaels are two bad ass mother fuckers who will stop at nothing to please their employer Mr Marcus. Their day is going to be filled with guns, drugs, blow jobs and action. Plus, throw the boss's sexy wife Nikki Benz into the mix and you better believe some hard core anal pounding is in the cards. We're going back to 1994 ZZ fans, and it's going to get HOT!

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Swimming with the Titties
Shawna Lenee
Pornstar Shawna Lenee
Shawna Lenee is ready for another Swimming Race. Scott Nails is attentively supervising the race to make sure everything gos smooth, but is distracted by her big tits floating on the water. After a fight breaks up between the swimmers, he has to intervene and stop it at once. To make it up for her rude behaviour, Shawna will let Scott get a closer look at her titties and fuck them for a Gold Medal of her own.

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Stimulus Checks
Mariah Milano
Pornstar Mariah Milano
Mariah has been waiting on her stimulus check from President Obama, he made so many promises on the campaign trail and now she expects her money. The federal government sends Agent Gunn to deliver a much needed stimulus to Mariah and she's so satisfied when it cums.

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Private Dick
Alexis Texas
Pornstar Alexis Texas
Scott Nails is working as the Private Dick that Alexis turns to. Alexis is positive her husband is cheating on her and wants to find out the truth about her husband and his mistress. Scott falls for Alexis immediately even though he can't help but feel she's lying to him, but with the shake of her tits and the roundness of her booty, she lures him into her dark world.

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I Like It Rough Baby
Missy Stone
Pornstar Missy Stone
Missy is not too happy about her sex life with Charles because he is too gentle with her due to the age difference he has over her. Sometimes, being too considerate is not a success story in love. But when Missy asks him to be rougher with her to make sure that she comes, he is more than happy to oblige in doing her what she wants, and Charles goes hardcore on little Missy Stone.

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Capricious Wife
Capri Cavalli
Pornstar Capri Cavalli
Capri just wants a nice day alone with her husband, but he has other plans. He invites Johnny and Jackie over, but spends too much time with Jackie. Capri decides to do the same with Johnny.

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Special Delivery
Devon Lee
Pornstar Devon Lee
The dreaded neighborhood paper boy is making his rounds again this morning. The kid has no respect, he just throws the paper onto people's property damaging it!This time he throws the paper right in between Miss.Lee's breasts!She is less than happy with him and orders him inside. He starts to beg for his job and will do anything to make it up to her!Miss.Lee decides the strong young man may be exactly what she needs!She ordered him to suck her pussy and tits and then fuck the shit out of her!

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Can I play with your balls?
Ruby Ryder
Pornstar Ruby Ryder
Ruby is practicing her tennis precision skills on the wall outside her house when she hit all her balls over the wall by accident. Her neighbour Johnny gives her a few minutes to find them before heading to work. But after finding her balls, she stumbles on Johnny's cock and notices that it is huge!! She definitely scored by finding two additional balls to play with.

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I'm All Wet!
Shawna Lenee
Pornstar Shawna Lenee
Shawna overheard from a friend that her next door neighbor Criss has a big cock, so she devises a plan to see if the rumors are true. While it's raining she knocks on his door telling him that she has locked herself out of her house. Obviously, being a good person that he is he doesn't leave her stand in the rain all wet he brings her in his house and makes sure her pussy gets wet to.

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Sprinting Tits
Audrey Bitoni
Pornstar Audrey Bitoni
Rocco and his friend spot Audrey running on the track. Audrey's big tits were bouncing all over the place and Rocco couldn't take it anymore. He goes to talk to her and is very surprised to find out how Audrey reacts when a guy compliments her tits...

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Pillow Fight & Busted Nuts
Allyssa Hall and Audrianna Angel
Pornstar Allyssa Hall and Audrianna Angel
Pete has to play chaperone to his little sister Nikki and her two friends, Allyssa and Audrianna!The girls are having a good time and end up having a pillow fight!Pete gets ear of this and decides he needs to participate!His sister gets mad and leaves to call their folks but not before giving him a swift kick to the balls!Her two friends feel sorry for him and start to caress his balls and the girls get aroused!Pete starts feeling better of course but needed two tight pussies to really make the pain go away. The girls more than obliged!

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It's Cock Hunting Season
Sienna West
Pornstar Sienna West
Sienna is out in the mountains with a group of hunters. competing against one another for who can hunt down the most turkeys or geese. However, Sienna is thirsty for a different type of meat because in her head all she wants to hunt down is big meaty cock.

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Wrestle You Sluts!!
Charley Chase & Mariah Milano
Pornstar Charley Chase & Mariah Milano
Keiran has trained many great fighters in his day, but his two new students are a handful...of tits and ass! Charley and Mariah can never stay focused long enough and always seem to end up tonguing each other instead of pinning each other! Well, today, Keiran is going to teach them some moves that will do them some good like doggy, missionary, cow girl and pile driver. Let's see who wins!

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Ass Intervention
Ass Intervention
Pornstar Ass Intervention
Keiran is a nerdy virgin who spends all of his time in front of the computer. His only friend feels he needs a little spice in his life and to accomplish this he invites to Keiran's house his top two pornstars with the juiciest asses.

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A day off from work
trina michaels
Pornstar trina michaels
Trina has been on the road for two weeks straight and now she finally has time to rest. She misses Billy because they keep getting booked out of sequence and now he is a phone call away. Trina prepares a meal for him, Billy comes over only to find a naked chef waiting to have him for dinner.

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Mommy to the rescue
Misty Vonage
Pornstar Misty Vonage
Misty's daughter has been expelled from college for being a slut. The Dean calls Misty in to explain the situation but Misty knows how to save her daughter's career. The Dean is so clueless and doesn't know whats coming for him.

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Husband From Hell
Jessica Jaymes
Pornstar Jessica Jaymes
Jessica's husband is a real dick head and treats her like shit. His brother Johnny is in town visiting and spending the week at their place. After dinner Johnny offers to help with the dishes as her husband falls asleep watching television. Sick of her husbands bad ways and longing for a real man's cock, Jessica makes her move on Johnny. Unable to resist temptation, she sucks and fucks Johnny all over the kitchen.

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Classic Pool Boy Adventures
Priya Rai
Pornstar Priya Rai
Priya's pool is in serious need of a cleaning. When Keiran shows up to do the job, she is unsatisfied with his work ethic. But as soon as the job starts getting wet, she ends up liking his performance.

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Fun times in California
Carmella Bing
Pornstar Carmella Bing
Carmella goes out to Universal Studio with Scott Nails, she shows us just why ordinary folks still need to be having fun despite tough times. And after a long hot day, what more to ice things up then a nail biting fuck.

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Massage On The House
Sophia Lomeli
Pornstar Sophia Lomeli
Ralph is at his friends house to try and learn some headbanging when he hurts his neck doing it. His friend's mom, Sophia, offers Ralph a neck massage at her home office, to help bring down the pain. While doing the massage, she notices a big bulge in his trunks and has a little hungry look in her eyes that means only one thing... She'll give him a special sucky sucky treatment until all the muscles in his body are fully relaxed to help the recovery of his neck injury.

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You Like Guns? Try This One
Jessica Lynn
Pornstar Jessica Lynn
Charles is enjoying his day with his buddy away from their respective old ladies at the shooting range. The ultimate manly sport out there that is until they lay their eyes on this sexy blonde who handled the gun like a pro. Charles decides to show her how well he shoots and he doesn't shoot blanks!

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Make me feel better Coach
Savannah Stern
Pornstar Savannah Stern
The olympic trials are next week and Savannah Stern is off her game! When she attempts to shift training into high gear she ends up hurting her ankle. As coach Nails carries her into the locker room to treat her foot Savannah decides she'd rather treat his cock! Suddenly the Olympics dont seem to be such a big deal anymore.

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Wedding Crazzers Part 2
Nikki Rhodes
Pornstar Nikki Rhodes
After crashing Prime Minister London's daughter wedding. Jordan and Scott start to look for some high class ass to tap. Jordan spots Nikki and gets her to follow him into the house. Once there, it was only a matter of time before she got on her knees and started sucking his big cock.

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Good Treatment For Bad Behavior
Madelyn Marie, Nika Noire
Pornstar Madelyn Marie, Nika Noire
Madelyn, Nika, and Keiran are causing chaos in class. The teacher tries to calm them down but he has know chance because they are completely out of control. When Keiran sets off the the fire alarm he has everybody running out of class except the two class sluts Madelyn and Nika.

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Old Screwl
Avy Scott, Jayden Jaymes
Pornstar Avy Scott, Jayden Jaymes
When Keiran takes an early flight back home to surprise his wife Jayden, she'll be the one surprising him when he finds Scott & Avy in their bed...

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So I Married A Biker Bitch
Mason Moore
Pornstar Mason Moore
Jordan's college biker buddy Scott has been staying at his house for the past two months. Mason, Jordan's wife, digging his biker style, decides to take a ride with him on his motorcycle. Did we say motorcycle?? We meant his huge cock!! When Jordan comes home she'll have to deal with two monster cocks! Dirty slut housewife!!

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Big Cock Chaser
Anna Stevens
Pornstar Anna Stevens
Anna is super keen on super big dicks, but her girlfriends leave her without a wing-woman for the night. She does not despair, she heads out anyway for the ride of her life.

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Who said you're out of luck on Halloween.
Mz Berlin, Regan Reece
Pornstar Mz Berlin, Regan Reece
Regan arrives to the office halloween party streaming like molten lava; the guys can't get enough of her tits. On the other hand, Mz Berlin knows what could cool her down, so she suggests they all bob for apples. She gets Regan's dress wet and takes her to the backroom to dry up. She pushes up on her down and plays with her tits. Jordan decides to check on them only to find them misbehaving; they force him to join in the fun.

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Curious about Big Dick!
Jessica Lynn, Kenzi Marie
Pornstar Jessica Lynn, Kenzi Marie
Jessica Lynn and Kenzie Marie are two horny housewives who like to discuss their sex lives. When the question comes up about each other's husband's cock size, they decide to plan a wife swap to find out. Their curiousness drives them to convince their husbands to show them their cocks and then have the swap.

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